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Here is the new Maersk Building - the graphics

The new tower at Panum, the Maersk Building in graphics, so you can see some of the interesting details

The new laboratory tower at the Panum Institute, Faculty of Health and Medicine Sciences, the Maersk building, is a foray into sustainable architechture. It combines state-of-the-art laboratories with green roofs, solar panels, moveable shutters and bike-friendly surroundings. The new copper tower is expected to generate enough water and energy to be 50 per cent self-sufficient.

While the tower itself will be working laboratories and as such is not open to the general public, the top floor is intended to be a public space, with an open view of the entire Greater Copenhagen area and Øresund.

Read an article about the different features of the Maersk Building here.

In the gallery below, you can see blow-ups of the different segments of the building.

(Graphics: Claus Lunau, processed by Marie Aggerbeck, photo by Sofie Malmborg Hansen)

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