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Here is your guide to the Night of Culture

On Friday evening, the entire university opens its doors, with events, displays and special lectures. See our guide to the annual Night of Culture

The Night of Culture festival has been an annual Copenhagen event since 1993. This year, on 15 October, more than 200 museums, churches, exhibition halls, galleries and institutions (including the University of Copenhagen) will open their doors to the public.

The whole city is abuzz on the Night of Culture, with the public gaining access to places and experiences that would otherwise be closed to them.

Here is a University Post special! A guide to the University of Copenhagen events for those of you who don’t speak Danish.

Pharma: Magical whisky and home-made beer

Beer brewing and a magician turning water into whiskey are part of the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences’ Night of Culture Programme.

You can also make your own sun cream out of oranges and see how tablets were made in the days before machine production, as machines on loan from the Danish Collection of the History of Pharmacy are dusted off and put into action.

See a map of where to find the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences here.

Law: Legal hot shots battle it out

This year the Faculty of Law’s big attraction is the International law contest called the Copenhagen Competition.

The Copenhagen Competition is an international negotiation competition for law students.

The goal of the students’ negotiations is to reach a joint global agreement about access to medicine.

This year, there are participants from Yale, Berkeley, Australian National University, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Gujarat National Law University, National University of Singapore, University of the West Indies and Haramaya University.

See our previous coverage of the event here.

Time and place for the final: Friday 15 October 2010 at 19:00 (doors close at exactly 18:55), the Ceremonial Hall, Frue Plads. There are only a limited number of seats and reservations are first come, first served.

Register here for at spot at the final.

Humanities: Cartoons and creepy basement tour

The Night of Culture theme at KUA this year is ‘Black’ and the programme includes a creepy journey in the dark depths of the KUA basement, complete with sound effects.

For the young at heart, there is a cartoon workshop, where you can meet cartoonists Ina Korneliussen and Anders Brønserud and learn how to draw your own cartoon strip. It’s in Danish, but with a bit of sign language and a few pencil-strokes, the language barrier should not be a problem.

Life Science: Taste life at the gastronomic playroom

This year the Faculty of Life Sciences opens its doors under the heading: Taste LIFE.

All the way through Marmorhallen and Vandrehallen to the ‘Fødevarehuset’ – from Thorvaldsensvej to Rolighedsvej – researchers will show you what they are working with in an exciting, informative and entertaining way.

‘Playing with your food’ takes on a whole new meaning in the »gastronomic playroom« where food science students and student chefs will play with raw materials they have found in Danish nature and creating new dishes. Take part in the Vandrehallen between 18:00 – 22:00.

Afterwards, you can quench your thirst with a cola, at the ‘how far can you go on a cola?’ challenge in Marmorhallen-Vandrehallen.

Or if you are looking for something a bit stronger, you can hear the history of beer and wine production – and sample the products at the Beer and Wine tasting, at Vandrehallen, stairwell 10 – lecture room 3-09. Tickets can be picked up from 6 pm.

Read the entire Life Science Night of Culture programme here.

Science: Bloodsuckers and romance

Vampires of all shapes and sizes are the theme at the Zoological Museum at Universitetsparken 15.

You can meet researchers who are passionate about bloodsuckers: From vampire bats to small fish that make skinny dipping a very bad idea indeed.

The museum will be draped in black and lit in red and is open from 17.00 to 23.00. You can also see old vampire movies in the movie theatre.

If you are taking a date to the Night of Culture, then the Botanic Garden might be the place to start. There will be romantic candlelight and solo musicians, and, of course, lots of flowers.

The food being served is the Danish dish ‘Brændende Kærlighed’ (Burning Love, ed.). Actually it is just mashed potato and bacon, but at least the name is romantic!

Health Science: Wooden legs and smoker’s lungs

The Medical Museion on Bredgade 62 will be displaying its unique collection or prosthetic body parts from throughout the ages.

You can also get your lungs tested for the often smoking-related illness Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Not that much fun perhaps, but on the other hand, it is good to know if you have it. And 2010 is the Year of the Lung, apparently.

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