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Higher tuition fees in UK ‘a necessary evil’

Nobel prize winner Konstantin Novoselov finds the cuts to UK education and the increased tuition fees acceptable. What he wants is UK universities to survive, he says

While other academics are angered by sweeping reforms to the UK university sector, which includes a hike to tuition fees for students, one high profile academic goes against the grain.

»Other areas of social care suffer much more than education, so in this sense I’m not happy, but I’m still rather pleased,« says Nobel prize winner Konstantin Novoselov to the University Post, in an interview subsequent to a lecture at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Together with Andre Geim, Konstantin Novoselov has just won the 2010 physics Nobel prize.

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Not pleasant

»It’s not good, of course: It would be nice to have everything free in the country and so on. But this is just not possible.«

»Half of students will have to take a larger mortgage when they graduate. This is not a pleasant thing, but if it allows universities to survive, then I think that it’s not a disaster,« he says.

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