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Hopes to attract students with cheap food

New ’street’ dining concept from a Copenhagen student innovator is to bring affordable fare to students

Most students have to sacrifice the luxury of eating out in restaurants.

But now a student at the University of Copenhagen says ‘no more!’.

Tiffany Ng, founder of the company Silver.Spoon, has put a new project on the table: Street Dining. With this, she hopes to combine quality with affordability in Copenhagen cuisine. It is called ‘street’ but it is actually just the concept that is inspired by the street. It is really inside.

Not just posh

This Thursday 14 June will be the project’s first incarnation, hoping to bring diners back to basics: good food, a relaxed atmosphere and prices that won’t break the bank, even for students.

»Even three years ago, dining in Copenhagen has either been in Michelin star restaurants or in cafés. It has been my hope to reinvent the eating experience in Copenhagen with more variety and better experiences, « says Tiffany.

So far, Tiffany’s concepts at Silver.Spoon like Guerilla Dining and Wine & Grub have focused on creating unique, and often – some would say – posh events, for her high- end customers.

Street food reinvented

To read more about her work, see Next step for dining diva.

Now she’s turning to more simple fare, allowing partner chefs like Fabian Moraga to ‘return to their roots’. Chef Fabian will kick off his mini-series with Japanese-inspired fare for Thursday’s dinner, followed by a night of Latin flavours from his native Chile and finally some fusion creations in the third event.

Tiffany hopes that Street Dining will be a concept that takes off, merging the best of street food from faraway cultures to a new dining culture developing for Copenhageners.

»At the very least, I’d like to reinvent the concept of street food and give it an international spin,« says Tiffany.

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