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Hot dog scandal at DHL fun-run

Frustrated runners went home with an empty stomach. One and a half hours for a sausage

Three hot dog grills to supply approximately 2,000 runners from the University of Copenhagen. Runners had by this time just run an accumulated 10,000 kilometres, and they are hungry.

At the end of the queue, a bitter man in a track suit, now with two hot dogs, is mumbling.

»I waited for an hour and a half.«

At the red sausage booth, some runners have found a way to cheat themselves to a half hour less waiting time.

Game theoretical explanation

»The thing is, the people who already have their hotdog, have no incentive to stop the cheaters,« a man in a black track suit reasons.

He explains that it is a classic game theoretical dilemma. The cheaters have just read the situation correctly. Another runner names some of the culprits.

»I have seen a deputy director, a head of department, and a deputy head of department cheat the queue,« he says.

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