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Hot-footed students in training for new Copenhagen half marathon

Running fever to hit Copenhagen twice a year from now on with an annual half supplementing the full marathon. UCPH students taking part

Hundreds of University of Copenhagen (UCPH) students are participating in a new Copenhagen half marathon on Sunday 13 September, that will have more than 21,000 men and women hot-footing it through Inner City and Frederiksberg.

The half marathon is often seen as the marathon’s ‘little brother’. After all, it is half the distance of a traditional marathon, but that doesn’t mean running one is only half the achievement. The half marathon still requires serious training and a challenging mixture of tempo and endurance. For hobby runners the distance of 21.1 kilometres is long enough for you not being able to race it on a whim. But not as intensive as the full marathon.

Novice runner A Ra Choi is a 21-year old exchange student from California who decided to compete in the half marathon last spring when she got accepted into her Copenhagen study abroad program: “One day I thought to myself: why not ran a half marathon? Accomplishing this would be challenging, memorable and a rewarding experience,” she said to the University Post.

Looking forward to afterwards

A Ra started training in advance, but didn’t sign up until she had completed longer distance runs. “I wanted to make sure, that I could really do it”, she states. To be prepared as much as possible, she strictly follows a training schedule and runs at least four times a week.

Kasper: “Probably unhealthier addictions than running”

24-year old Majken Eskelund, a UCPH student, was first enthralled by the running fever when she cheered for the runners during the half marathon world cup in Copenhagen in March 2014. Since then, she has completed two half marathons in Odense and Vancouver. Her goal for the upcoming Copenhagen race is clear.

“I want to beat my two recent times! My goal is to be faster than 1:55,” she says. Majken is excited to run with friends from school, Norway and Sweden: “I’m looking forward to seeing them, running with them and mostly celebrating together when we’re done!”

Start and finish in Fælledparken

Kasper Rasmussen is a PhD-candidate at UCPH who will be running his fifth half marathon.

“If you experienced this satisfaction while crossing the finish line once, you want to experience it again and again. There are probably unhealthier addictions than running,” he jokes.

The first edition of the new Copenhagen Half Marathon starts and finishes on Øster Allé, in the midst of the big city park Fælledparken in Copenhagen. The men’s and the women’s elite race will begin concurrently with the mass participation race at the 11:15 am. For information about the course and the side events click here.

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