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Hotel rooms, service centre, for incoming scientists

International House to be a home base for new foreign University of Copenhagen employees and scientists. Opens in June

As of June 2013, there will be an opportunity for international University of Copenhagen (UCPH) employees to come together under one roof in Copenhagen.

Together with the municipality of Copenhagen and The Capital Region of Denmark, the University of Copenhagen’s office ISM (International Staff Mobility) is to open its so-called International House on Gyldenløvsgade in Copenhagen.

The house will serve as a form of citizens’ advice bureau, where you can acquire practical information about matters such as residences permits and CPR registration.

Roll in with your suitcase

It will also be possible to join a range of cultural and social events, such as introductory courses, mentor programmes, language activities, and even cooking sessions.

Not only will the International House be a contact and service point. It will also include a hotel for researchers, managed by CabInn.

“The idea is that researchers can come rolling in with their suitcases and participate in activities, but also gain practical knowledge about living in Copenhagen”, says Vivian Tos Lindgaard, who heads the University’s ISM unit.

‘One-stop’ shops, lounge, clubs

According to Tos Lindgaard, the building will consist of six floors. UCPH will manage the top three floors, where foreign employees at UCPH and the national hospital Rigshospitalet can access the one-stop shops, meeting facilities, activity rooms and 31 hotel rooms.

The lower floors will be open for all new foreign citizens arriving in Copenhagen. Among other things, here you will be able to find a lounge/café area at the ground floor where various artists will exhibit. As you step into the building, you will be welcomed by several self-organizing initiatives, according to Vivian Tos Lindgaard:

“The International House is supposed to function both as a domicile for introductory programmes directed to foreign staff and as a clubhouse for self-organizing networks, such as national clubs, spouse-clubs, dinner clubs, children’s clubs etc.”

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