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How do you describe space? Students' gallery

The theme for this year’s exhibition is 'space'. Students are exploring it

The Student’s Gallery is to hold a vernissage (preview) of its autumn exhibition at the Faculty Library of Humanities. It will take place Friday 27 November at 16:00.

Since 2009 the Student’s Gallery has held exhibitions twice a year and brought students from all kinds of fields of study together with one thing in common – art.

This autumn the theme is ”Space”, and one of the seven artists exhibiting is Cecilie Lund-Rasmussen, who especially found inspiration in the concept of empty space, whether understood physically or abstractly.

Making art out of space

”How do we describe an empty space within ourselves? It is a feeling of missing something or having lost someone. This can create a split in ourselves. On one hand we wish to let go because it hurts to hold on, and on the other hand we hold on, because we are afraid to realize what we have lost,” says Cecilie.

Artwork by Cecilie Lund-Rasmussen

Find out more about the Student’s Gallery on their Facebook page (in Danish).

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