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How much do you pay in rent?

Is most of your money going to rent payments? Compare yourself with six UCPH students that all live in Copenhagen

Simon Ruder. Studies 5th semester actuarial mathematics.

Where do you live? At Otto Mønsted Kollegiet in the Enghave neighbourhood of Vesterbro.
How did you find it? I’m from Lolland and rented a room when I moved to Copenhagen. When this lease expired, I put myself on an acute list at Eleven days later – voila! – I was offered a dorm room. This was unique, as many students have to wait for years on the waiting list.

Esther Antreasyan Keller. Studies 7th semester political science

Where do you live? I live on Thorsgade in Nørrebro. A brilliant area, where I lived for a little over three years.
How did you find it? It is a flat in a housing association. The guy who sold his share had shown the flat to eleven people in a week, and I was lucky to borrow some money from my mother, so I could act fast and buy it immediately. Now I share the apartment with a friend.

Anders Schultz-Lorentzen. Studies 5th semester geography

Where do you live? I live on Købmagergade in the inner city in a large apartment, which I share with five people. I have lived here for two years – ever since I started studying at UCPH.
How did you find it?
It is my parents that have bought the flat. They own the apartment and rent it to me and my friends.

Sif Jensen. Studies 5th semester European Ethnology

Where do you live?I rent an apartment in Valby with a friend.
How did you find it?Through my friend, who is also a classmate. I have moved several times through the course of my studies, and once I had to move home to my parents again. But now I moved to Valby in May, and it looks like I finally have my housing situation under control.

Sigurd Agersnap Gustavson. Studies 5th semester political science

Where do you live?In Valby, where I have rented a flat with two friends for the next six months. It is a four room flat, so we have a room each and a living room.
How did you find it?It is newly constructed, and some of the apartments have been rented out. So one of my friends found it on a housing site, and we acted fast. It is over a limited time period, so we soon have to go out and look again.

Sigrid Fausleth. Just starting Persian studies at the Faculty of Humanities KUA

Where do you live?I rent a 9 square metre room in Jægersborggade. The room has no door, but it is cheap. And it is in a nice area.
How did you find it?Through a friend that owns the flat. I have lived there for some time, and you can get used to alot – even not having a door – when the rent is low.