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How to set up your calendar event on the University Post

Organising a lecture? Hosting a party? Defending your PhD? We want to see your events on our calendar!

The University Post has 100,000 visitors every month, and posting your event on our calendar is an easy way to spread the word to these readers! A selection of your calendar events are also posted in our weekly newsletter to more than 50,000 students, scientists and staff at the University of Copenhagen.

We only have one criteria for our calendar events. They must be University of Copenhagen-related. But apart from that, you can post anything you want!

Promoting your event on the University Post simple and straightforward – all you have to do is log-in and do it.

Here is a step-by-step guide:


In order to upload an event, you must log on to our website as a user. If you scroll down on the front page of the University Post site here on the left-hand panel, you will see the ‘Register Event’ section. Look for ‘Register Event’ (see image below).

The ‘register event’ field is on the left hand side of the front page of

Here, you can either log in, create a new user, or log in through facebook.

If you are already logged in, click here.

Set the language to English

On the top of the ‘Create Event’ page, ensure that the language is set to English. Give your event a title, date and time, location and upload a corresponding image. (Images should be horizontal and without text (not a poster) Images should be 930×530 pixels and at least 72 dpi, preferably more.)

Additional specifications can also be added, such as category of event, price, and external links and descriptors.

That’s it! Press send, and your event is now posted online!

What do I do if my event is in Danish?

We share our calendar with our colleagues on the Danish-language site If you want to set up an event that should mostly be seen by Danish readers, then set it up in Danish via

The procedure is the same, just start the process from this time, and select ‘Danish’ at the top of the page.

E-mail us if you need to adjust it

Note that once you have published your event, it is not possible to go back and edit the event details.

If you do have to make any changes to the event, you can email us at:

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