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How to share stories with the University Post

Share it with us! Here are the ways you can reach us and tell your story

You play an important part in getting the news to the University Post, the English-language media of the University of Copenhagen. Whether it is news or a featured comment, your contribution can make a difference.

Have you seen or been involved in a news event at the University of Copenhagen? Is something significant or bizarre happening on campus?
Have you got a story to tell? Is there something you think we should follow up?

Maybe you just want to find out what others are talking about?


You can find our latest stories on our Facebook page, but if there’s a story you’d like to share with us, just hit us up with a message.


News sure travels fast, especially on Twitter. Do you have something urgent to say? Get in touch with us quickly by tagging @UniversityPost and follow us for instant replies.


Pictures speak louder than words. We talk in pictures on our Instagram account. If you see something exciting, don’t hesitate to tag @universitypost and let us see it as well!


We share our science and academic stories on Google+. Feel free to follow and comment!


If your story doesn’t fit in 140 characters or a picture, you can send us an e-mail to

Mobile phone

You can send us your pictures and videos or an SMS to +45 30 66 31 21. We will never publish your mobile phone number.


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Leave a phone number if you want to be contacted

If you want to be contacted by a University Post reporter please leave a phone number that we can contact you on.

We are looking forward to hearing your story!