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'How to start your own business' workshop in Copenhagen

Secrets of how you become your own boss revealed to humanities students

Only one out of every twenty students are aware of any other career options besides what they are studying for. This is according to Giovanni Orio, a business advisor at the Copenhagen Business Center. But starting a business is an alternative.

Giovanni was the speaker at a recent Introduction to Entrepreneurship workshop at the University of Copenhagen and he calls on students to jump into the deep end.

»Whether you want to become your own boss, start a company that will change the way the world operates, or simply be better at what you do and understand the work environment you’re in, you should dip your toe into entrepreneurship,« he says.

Not just tie and shiny shoes

Marie Clausen, project manager at the Faculty of Humanities entrepreneur project Katalyst agrees with him. The knowledge and skills you use as an entrepreneur are knowledge and skills that can be used everywhere, she says.

»Even if you are not studying at the Copenhagen Business School, using your knowledge in different ways, combining it and innovating will always prove useful in any professional job.«

Giovanni Orio adds that a knowledge entrepreneur is not necessarily a business student with a skinny tie and shiny shoes. It’s a student with an idea, with a drive to change things.

Also for literati and physicists

Marie Clausen and Giovanni Orio call on students to share business ideas with each other, even if they study one of the not traditionally business-oriented subjects like literature, agriculture or physics.

The Copenhagen Business Center >hosts a workshop ‘How to Start a Global Business’, with several successful business speakers 16 November.

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