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Huge donation for space exhibition

Gift of DKK 22.5 million will pay for the first large exhibition in a new Natural History Museum

Construction has not yet started on a new Natural History museum in Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens, but money earmarked for an ambitious space exhibition has already rolled in.

This is according to KUnet.

A Danish fund called Arbejdsmarkeds Feriefond (In English ‘the Employment Market’s Vacation Fund’, ed.) has donated DKK 22.5 million for an exhibition to be held when the museum opens in 2016.

Museum is aiming for the top ten

The new museum aims to hold bigger and more impressive exhibitions than those previously seen in Denmark.

»Our ambition is to create a new museum that is among the 10 best natural history museums in the world. This requires large, innovative exhibitions like ‘Space’, « says Hanne Strager from the museum, which is a part of the University of Copenhagen.

The Space exhibition will display, among other things, the museum’s collection of meteorites, and will attempt to combine knowledge with memorable experiences to impress museum guests.

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