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Humanities: KUA2 stays open after shut down threat (updated)

E-mail to all students and staff from faculty director cited 'fire hazard' and a beef up presence of Securitas. Now a compromise has been reached with students (updated)

(updated Friday 21 November)

Protesters are violating fire regulations, the Faculty of Humanities wrote Thursday, threatening to shut down the whole of KUA2 over the weekend – citing security reasons. Now, a compromise has been made with students, keeping the faculty open anyway, writes

The e-mail warning was sent to all students and staff Thursday afternoon following the occupation of the media department that started Wednesday. The faculty director had earlier called in the police to talk to the protesters.

“Since Wednesday, the administration at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication has been blocked by students as a protest against the government reforms,” the faculty director Kristian Boye Petersen wrote.

More security, but no action against protesters

“As the activists are violating fire regulations by spending the night at KUA and blocking fire doors, and since we cannot be sure that the blockade will only be attended by the students, the faculty management has chosen to shut down KUA2 from Friday 17.00 to Monday 06.00.”

“Naturally no action will be taken against the blockade, but all other activities in KUA2 are cancelled during the weekend. Students, employees and guests will not be able to enter KUA2 with their id-card once they’ve left the building,” he added.

“The security company Securitas will increase the number of watchmen in order to oversee the observance of house rules,” Kristian Boye Petersen wrote.

Compromise, KUA 2 campus will stay open

Now a compromise with the faculty director has been made that will keep the buildings open.

Spokesman for the protesters Rasmus Bro, says he is happy “that management is willing to negotiate with us, but we maintain the blockade. It is important for us that we don’t bother other students at UCPH that plan to use the campus over the weekend”.

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