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Humanities: No blockade, but now marching

Earlier today students and staff milled back and forwards, in and out of the buildings without hindrance. But now Humanities demonstrators are moving towards Central Campus

Despite widespread calls to blockade institutes and departments, there were no pickets blocking the Faculty of Humanities entrances.

This is according to our reporter on the spot. A protester said that they had no time to prepare.

The lack of a blockade of entrances was in stark opposition to the Faculty of Health Sciences, Social Sciences and a hoist of other individual departments.

Central Campus prepares for siege

Demonstrators marched towards Central Campus, according to our reporter.

Rector had earlier offered surprise concessions to students late last night Tuesday which include not enforcing the 45 ECTS a year rule.

It has not yet been confirmed whether Central Campus offices will be blockaded by students.

Buses, rerouted, students converging

As we write, 200 students from Panum, the Faculty of Health Sciences have been seen converging on Central Campus. They are one of several large groups of students aiming for the central square Vor Frue Plads. Buses have been re-routed, reports say.

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