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Humanities students: Sick of management's scare tactics

Enough is enough, say Humanities students, who don't buy the arguments of the University of Copenhagen management, and will fight

A reform to speed up completion times will mean that Humanities students will have to finish studies an average of 12.2 months faster.

The rest of the University of Copenhagen has to cut back by 7.6 months,

Monday, a meeting of protest organised by the student council of the Humanities drew a crowd. The message was ‘Enough is enough’. Chairman of the Student Council Mie Sofie Andersen said that the University management’s vision of a dark future unless the University follows the government reform, is just scare tactics.

Activist workshop

KUA’s amphitheater was full of students willing to get informed, discuss and express their discomfort to the new reform that they want recalled. The Humanities students say they are not willing to negotiate their rights to part time studies, and other benefits.

At the end there was an activist workshop for the students who would like to participate in the next meetings.

A meeting at the Dean’s office will take place on Tuesday morning to express their opposition, while a new demonstration is arranged for the 27 November at the Ministry of Education.

Photos by Mariana Bollano.

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