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Humanities to kick off new soccer tournament

University of Copenhagen's sports-minded manager, prorector Lykke Friis, will herself be the referee in the final match this Spring.

It was a tournament that was announced at the inauguration of KUA 2. Set to feature many courses and departments from the Faculty of Humanities, they will face each other in a football tournament ending in the spring semester.

It all started Friday at 1430.

Students from Philosophy, Communication and IT, History, Music Studies, Asian Studies, and Rhetoric will be representing their courses. However, the Royal School of Library and Information Science and the Carsten Niebuhr Department have set up teams of their own too.

Cup format

It will be a football tournament that starts this fall, and ends in the late spring. Peter Korsgaard Nielsen, one of the creators of the tournament, explains to the University Post that “we expect there to be played at least one match every week.”

“The goal is to fill the social vacuum that many may find themselves in after the university start-up. The matches will be played either Thursday or Friday and we hope to collaborate with the different Friday bars. Of course, the goal is also to give the students an opportunity to play a good game of football,” he says.

The structure of the tournament is of two groups of four teams. Each of the four teams per group will be playing against each other once. The top two teams from each group will then move on to the knockout phase.

Fills out social vacuum

The games will be taking place at the football pitch closest to Tietgenkollegiet, which most Humanities’ students will not fail to recognize. It is the round, artistic dorm which can be seen from almost all the angles of the campus. The tournament’s matches are played there for a reason.

“We feared that the relations with our tutors, fellow students, and friends from other courses would weaken as we fall into the daily routine at the university. We thought that the best way to gather would be to arrange football matches for everyone to attend,” says Peter.

According to Peter, it is about uniting the faculty: “It is difficult to maintain contact across courses and classes if there are no shared events for everybody. We want students to sustain their network after the introduction period and to experience a bigger community at KUA and the institutes,” he says.

Starts with ‘music’ against ‘Asia’

It is close by for everybody interested – not just those who study for the representative teams on the pitch. The tournament kicks off with FC Kvints (Music Studies) against ASFC (Asian Studies), two teams from Group One. Group Two’s Transcendeltalpragmatisk BK (Philosophy) and FC Tons (Communication and IT) play the following Friday.

And the bonus? According to our information, the University of Copenhagen’s sports-minded new Prorector Lykke Friis has promised that she herself will be the referee in the final.

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