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Ice, rocks and corals in new climate display

Ice core samples, sediments and corals are to be exhibited at the Museum of Natural History. It's all to do with climate change

We are in the midst of the the run-up to December’s COP 15 conference, and a new climate exhibition, ‘Climate Change: The Threat to Life and A New Energy Future’, is now open to the public.

The first section takes a historical perspective on climate change. The second part concentrates on modern attempts to adapt to the consequences.

The exhibition, ‘Climate Change: The Threat to Life and A New Energy Future’ is based on data and observations used by researchers to describe and predict climate change, including ice cores, sediment samples and corals. The material is communicated via film, photography and animation.

The exhibition is a collaboration between the American Museum of Natural History in New York and 10 other museums all over the world, including the University of Copenhagen’s Museum of Natural History.

You can see the new exhibition in exhibitition rooms at the Botanical gardens, behind the palm house. It costs DKK 50 and is open from 10-16 every day except Monday. It runs until 28 February 2010.