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»I'm concerned that everything might be shut down again, and we'll have to have online lectures«

Corona — New corona restrictions have students concerned that universities will return to online teaching, that exams will be changed, and that we will yet again have to give up the routines of normality. But the actual risk of infection does not concern them.

[Update 10 December: Courses and exams will be carried out as planned at the University of Copenhagen. However, administrative staff have been asked to work from home if possible. Social events are to be cancelled, including Christmas parties, Friday bars and other parties. This applies to both staff and students.]

From Monday 29 November, the University of Copenhagen has required you can show a valid corona passport on campus.

The new rule will be enforced with random spot checks.

Corona passport requirement at the University of Copenhagen

As of Monday 29 November, both staff and students have had to present a valid corona passport when they are on campus.

The University Post dropped in at the CSS campus to ask students about their thoughts on the management of corona on campus. The greatest concern here was not infection, but a possible closure of teaching and fear of online exams.


Frederikke Veggerby Andersen and Eja Eschricht, economics students

Are you worried about the coronavirus situation?

Frederikke Veggerby Andersen: »No.«

Eja Eschrict: »I’m a bit worried about whether there will be a shutdown. But having to show the corona passport does not have a major impact on our daily lives. Especially when you’re vaccinated.«

What if corona gets to affect your daily life on your programme of study?

Frederikke Veggerby Andersen: »I’m concerned that everything might be shut down again, and we’ll have to have online lectures« It’s just not fun, and it’s harder to concentrate.«

Eja Eschricht: »Yes, the days get very long and monotonous. There’s just something about the fact that you have to get up and bike in to your study programme. You feel you are having a normal working day.«


Halfdan Ekins, anthropology student

Are you satisfied with the way the corona situation is managed at the University of Copenhagen?

»I haven’t given this much thought. I wondered about the fact that we don’t need to wear a mask on campus when you have to everywhere else. We have just as much chance of infecting each other here. I need an incentive if I have to put on a mask.«

Are you worried that corona will affect your daily life as a student?

»I’m worried that there will be another shutdown. This is something that I do not want. Then better prepare for it, so things don’t get out of control.«


Fred Lundahl, economics student

How has the corona situation been managed on campus?

»I haven’t really thought about there being such a big difference in recent days compared to before. But things are different in Sweden, where I come from. People act differently in Sweden. People are more relaxed about things there.«

Do you think the rules are too strict here?

»No, I think it is fine that we have to show a corona passport. But I do think in general that the approach is to strict and too short term in Denmark. We need to look for a more long-term solution.«


Laurits Ipsen, psychology student

Is there anything you would have done differently now that corona restrictions have come to the University of Copenhagen?

»No. But I have also just got out of corona isolation myself last week after testing positive. I think it is fine that corona passports have been introduced, and that there is hand sanitizer everywhere.«

Would you like to see more restrictions?

»It’s a difficult question, because I got corona myself. I got it from my roommate, who is not a student here. Maybe you should check corona passports in the door before big lectures. That would be good. It would make you feel more confident.«

Are you worried about your exams?

»Yes, I’m worried about whether I will be able to attend an exam on Peter Bangs Vej, or whether it has to be done from home. I would like to have a normal exam that follows a standard protocol.«