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In conversation: Students at Matriculation 2015

We met up with a selection of new Danish and international students at the Matriculation Ceremony last Friday and had them share their thoughts with us

This year’s UCPH Matriculation Ceremony was about coming together and officially inducting students into the University of Copenhagen. We randomly selected a group of random new students to share their random thoughts with us. This was what came out of it:

Caris, China, English Studies: “I asked one of my Danish friends to tell me where can I find a special Danish dish and which restaurant is the best for that. Do you know what he said? ‘Oh, go to the supermarket and buy a piece of rye bread and some cheese. That’s just fine.’ International food restaurants are good, though”.

China, Humanities Faculty. “The best thing about Denmark? All men are very handsome!”

Thorbjørn, Denmark, Biotechnology: “I’m originally from Falster, in the southern part of Denmark and I just moved to Copenhagen. I like how every culture is accepted here and how many foreigners there are. No matter how different your personality might be, you can always find someone who is a lot like yourself.

Irene, Spain, Food Science: “I’m very surprised of how kind people are in Copenhagen. If they see you wondering around with a map they ask if you need help. The weather, however…it’s sunny and then suddenly it’s raining like there’s no tomorrow.”

Gareth, England, Architecture: “Back where I come from, you know people riding bikes by their first name. There is a crazy amount of bikes here. That’s the biggest culture shock I got. Oh, and how a car actually stops in front of you when you want to cross the road. Right now, though, all I want is to actually find a place to live.”

Cristina and Jennifer California, USA, Animal Science: “We’ve been here for a month and we are very surprised by the Danish drinking culture. BIG SHOCK.”

Sarah and Nina, Denmark(Afghanistan/ Iraq family),Law: “We’ve grown up with two different cultures, Danish and our families’ culture. For example, with food, I love both, I would not choose one or the other one. I prefer not to prefer.”

The Netherlands, Law: “I feel like I should hide this beer. Should I hide it for the picture? I don’t know how things work here!”

Ahmad and Nima, Denmark, Pharmacy: “One of my happiest moments was when I got accepted into UCPH. I was afraid I was going to be rejected but I got in. Well, I wasn’t afraid of it. I mean, I knew I would get in.”

Frederike, Marie, Julie, Line, Germany/ Norway / Denmark, Medicine: “-When you’re a foreigner it’s hard to adjust to the quantities of the beers here. I’m half Danish, so there isn’t that much to adjust to.”

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