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In pictures: Nature inspires innovation

What can nature teach us about cleaning up cigarette butts from Copenhagen streets? A group of students gather to answer that question, and others, using nature as their guide

This year’s Next Generation summer school Innovation Inspired by Nature had 40 students from the Danish Technical University, Copenhagen Business School and the University of Copenhagen look to the natural world as an inspirational source to tackle real world challenges.

It could be the increasing number of cigarettes butts being thrown on the ground in Copenhagen or the amount of toxic chemicals used in wood paint. During a workshop on prototyping they learned how to go from ideas to practice in an unconventional way.

See also our coverage of Dr. Julian Vincent, the international biomimetics expert, who, as part of the Innovation Inspired by Nature summer school, will speak on how nature can inspire technology.

Pictures, text & captions: Martina Zamboni

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