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Indian law team eager to get started

Srikanth from India loves to talk about international law and the politics of the pharmaceutical industry. Now he is in Copenhagen to flash his talent at the international law contest

Before the law event Copenhagen Competition starts Wednesday, the team from Gujarat in India is full of confidence.

»My team has been eagerly looking forward to the competition. International law and medicine are one of my favourite topics, and we have been preparing and discussing intensely,« says Srikanth Hariharan.

He represents a team from Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).

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India crucial role in pharmacy

The powerful role India plays in the pharmaceutical market could be decisive for the winning team of the Copenhagen Competition, the Indian law student thinks.

»We come from a country where there is a lot of interest on the area of pharmacy and the development of new medicine,« Srikanth says.

It is his first time in the Copenhagen Competition.

»The pharmaceutical industry wants to be in India, and that is reflected in the study environment for us Indian students«.

Global winners

The Indian team will compete against other non-OECD universities such as from Ethiopia and Barbados in the West Indies, and will also face a group of universities from the OECD countries – the wealthier nations. The confident Indian says that his team will win:

»Our team is full of talent, and we have a lot of ideas,« he says.

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