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Instagram/Twitter contest: And the winners are...

It is a 'puddlegram' of course. And then there is a selfie with the big boss Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, some fun-loving acrobats, and a zombie like image of a user with honey all over his face

We have four new Galaxy Tab S tablets from Samsung. And the University Post – in conjunction with our colleagues in the Danish-language university news site next door – wanted to give them to the best tweets/instagrams.

An independent committee has sifted through hundreds of tweets and instagrams, and some stark choices had to be made.

The workings of the committee are cryptic, but what has leaked out is the following. After several rounds of voting there were four winners:

Oh I’d just love a honey wash

The ‘puddlegram’ above was by Instagram user red_gg, who can look forward to a tablet, even though he fished for it blatantly with a hashtag #thirstyforthetablet in addition to the standard #UCPH. Congratulations to him!

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen wanted @haracking to pose with him, and @haracking obliged. For his kindness, we give @haracking a tablet, as Ralf probably has one at work already.

And then there were some dirty dancers, and a guy awash with honey, choking up the Twittersphere. See the gallery below. If you took these, you have won!

Congratulations tweeters and instagrammers!

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