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Integration minister ready to reassess ‘Nazi’ proposal

DANISH NEWS - Government may be softening on proposal to take everything valuable except watches and mobile phones

Integration Minister Inger Støjberg has declared herself willing to reassess the government’s proposal to confiscate refugees’ cash and valuables to fund their stay in Denmark, a move that has prompted international outrage and comparisons to Nazi Germany, writes

According to the Ministry for Integration, ‘the new rule on seizure will only apply to assets of a considerable value’ and foreigners are expected to be able to ‘keep assets which are necessary to maintain a modest standard of living’, e.g. watches and mobile phones. One US news outlet wrote: “The measure, whether it eventually passes or not, raises the question of whether Denmark really thinks it is OK to repeat the Nazi approach to immigration, during which the confiscation of valuables was the practice.”

But with political support for the proposal crumbling, Ms Støjberg said yesterday she was open to amending the bill, scheduled for a first reading in parliament next week.

No ‘ripping gold fillings from mouths’

She told DR News that the issue has provoked so much debate the government may need to clarify the details a little better but the fundamental principle is still that people in this country are required to support themselves as much as possible.

“There’s been a great deal of misunderstanding about our aims,” said the Minister. “We have no intention of ripping gold fillings out of people’s mouths, as some have claimed, or confiscating wedding rings. It’s a ridiculous discussion.”

Read the article on the Danish news site here

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