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International Office fends off exchange cuts

University of Copenhagen breathes a collective sigh of relief after standoff with the Ministry of Science over exchange student numbers: Two to three years reprieve

The University of Copenhagen will not be penalised for being a hip destination for European students. At least for the next two to three years.

This is the outcome of hard bargaining between representatives of the International Office and the Ministry of Science Monday.

The talks had been called after the International Office had loudly protested against new, stricter government regulations forcing universities to balance incoming and outgoing exchange student numbers. The new rules would have cut DKK 22 million in government funding in 2011.

Must meet the target

»The ministry officials made it clear to us that the issue is about how much the Danish taxpayer should pay, and that the economic balance in incoming and outgoing students should be upheld,« says John Edelsgaard Andersen, Director of the International Office to the University Post.

»What is new is that we now have two to three years to reach this economic balance target,« he says.

John Edelsgaard Andersen is relieved that the University has got the extra breathing space, »but I must emphasise that we must strive to find this balance between incoming and outgoing students, and meet the target,« he says.

Hope to get more Danes to travel

He will be attending managerial level meetings at the University of Copenhagen today Wednesday to work out how the new targets will be met.

»By far the best option is to increase the numbers of Copenhagen students studying abroad,« he says to the University Post.

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