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International Office: Homophobic ad was a mistake

Starting today, all accommodation offers will be screened, says International Office to University Post. This is after a housing list offer specified 'no homosexual, bisexual or transsexuals'

From today all listings on the International Office’s Direct Housing List for international students will be screened to make sure that they are not discriminatory.

This is according to the Head of the International Office, John E. Andersen, who apologises to exchange students. His admission comes after the University Post could reveal that the International Office communicated extreme ‘no gays, bisexuals or transsexuals’ requirements from one landlord to international students through their housing list.

»The response that was given by us to the exchange student [when he queried the listing, ed. ] was wrong, and given by a trainee at our Office« he says, referring to an earlier e-mail response to the medical student from Barcelona, Spain who tipped the University Post with the story.

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Will screen for the extreme

»The landlord with these viewpoints and requirements for a roommate/tenant should not have made it on to the list for our international students,« John E. Andersen of the International Office says.

»We will not assist people with these convictions in leasing their accommodation, and the University of Copenhagen should not contribute with a communication platform for these people,« he says.

Our practice previously was not to screen the ads coming in for this list, John E. Andersen explains. »But from today, I will personally take a look once or twice a day, and in the longer term we will introduce a consistent policy,« he says.

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