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International specialists top Danish earnings list

While Eastern Europeans, Turks, and Pakistanis in this country have to work hard to earn far less that what the average Dane earns, other groups of migrants, especially those from Western countries, are pocketing hundreds of thousands every month, report media

A new earnings report by the Economic Council of the Labour Movement (AE) shows that the 113 British executives who came to Denmark for a top job in the private sector in 2011 enjoyed an average monthly salary of DKK 120,200 per month. 423 American business leaders employed by Danish companies earned an average of DKK 91,800, reports and

An AE spokesman called it a reflection of the globalised world – western countries supply specialists while eastern countries supply cheap manpower.

The finance and industrial sectors are the biggest payers but according to senior consultant Sarah Gade Hansen of the Confederation of Danish Industries (DI) it’s the few who earn extremely high salaries that have a major effect on the average figures – the average western resident is still well paid but only by about DKK 10,000 more than the average Danish salary of DKK 33,600 per month.

Article in Danish here.

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