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International students lack Viking mentality

Only two brave international students dared to face the icy depths of the Copenhagen harbour at the Erasmus Student Network Viking swim on Saturday

You could go for a ride on Tivoli’s rollercoaster or try to keep pace with Danish drinkers. But for the real thrill-seekers, the Viking swim on Saturday 18 September offered an authentic celebration of the semester’s start.

Forty enthusiastic international students signed up on Facebook for the event, organized by ESN Copenhagen (Exchange Student Network).

But on the day itself, only six showed up and just two with towels. It is a good thing the Vikings did not rely on Facebook in their day.

Tough University Post reporter Maya was one of the two brave souls to take the plunge. See our photo story here.

Fence-hopping Vikings

At Havnebad the small group faced closed fences, but »nothing stops a real Viking«.

»The water is not that cold,« boasted Ricardo from Venezuela beforehand.

But both of the cold-blooded swimmers stayed in the water no longer than to snap a picture. After the daring deed, the whole group (including the non-swimmers) enjoyed a hot drink at café Wilder.