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International Students presented their own specialties

Students at the Faculty of Social Sciences got together to taste the four corners of the earth

With a frosty February wind blowing away outside, international students and mentors threw off their wintercoats to gather around a fully laden table of regional specialities for international night the Faculty of Social Sciences.

»This is a great way to get to know each other,« said Anambria from Canada, who brought several dishes, among which particularly her mini-weenies in maple syrup were popular.

»And it is an opportunity to discover a side of both Danes and Internationals you’d never know from those pursed lips you usually meet on a bus or in the metro,« another participant said.

Delicacies with strange names

The tables were laden with a never-ending row of delicacies. In some cases, their place of origin was discreetly underlined by the use of a flag. Julian, for example, brought a Californian classic: Macaroni and cheese.

Time for dessert?

Options on display were: Saffron cake from Sweden served with whipped cream and jam, and among others the enigmatically named ‘Emperor’s Mess’ from Austria.

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