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Interview practice at the career fair

A mock job interview, where a student could pit herself against potential employers was one of the highlights of the alumni association Kubulus' event Tuesday

A lucky student had the chance Tuesday to try herself out in a simulated interview session with hiring professionals. Just one of the things on offer as alumni association Kubulus held its 10th career fair at the University of Copenhagen’s Ceremonial Hall.

See our photo report from the event here.

The career fair gave representatives from Danish companies such as Danske Bank, Novo Nordisk and Nykredit the chance to tout their advantages, and gave students the chance to ask them questions. Students could get a professional picture of them taken, and have their CVs reviewed.

Work culture different

This was very helpful, said law students Liza, Migle and Daniela to the University Post, who also offered a tip to the organisers. Companies could have been classified according to study programmes, so it would be easier to know who has what to offer, they opined.

Claire Joyce is from Ireland and is currently pursuing her MA in IT and cognition at the University of Copenhagen. She was chosen to be the interviewee for the mock interview session.

»The Danish ‘job interview’ doesn’t sound too different from the Irish interview, but I’ve heard that the work culture is different in Denmark and students can participate in discussions at work too,« Claire said before the interview.

Surprised by cookie offer

After the session, she was full of praise for the set-up: »It was really helpful and I was extremely nervous, but the consultants put me at ease,« she said.

»But I was thrown off by the offer of cookies and coffee during the interview. It would have been more formal in Ireland. I am definitely going to take on board the tips I got from today and get a real job. I think the career fair was great«.

See our photo report from the event here.

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