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Involvement is not co-determination!

Petition — The Board should ensure that staff have co-determination in administration reforms. This has not happened, say 450 academic staff at the University of Copenhagen.

»The board shall ensure that there is co-determination and involvement of employees and students in significant decisions.«

Over the past year, we as employees at the University of Copenhagen have received a series of requests to participate in a process leading up to a comprehensive restructuring of the administration at the university. This process has from the outset been entrusted to a consulting firm, and it was early on clear that the main tool for achieving the intended savings of approximately DKK 300 million was centralization.


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At the same time, it also became clear that there was widespread resistance to such centralization, as user surveys clearly documented that proximity to administrative staff was the highest priority among all employee groups (see user survey page 37).

It was pointed out from several independent sides in articles in the University Post that the process was not trustworthy. It was also pointed out that there will not actually be savings, but rather task shifting and poorer working conditions for all employees.

Furthermore, several VIP representatives are left with the impression of a process with a unilateral focus on cuts rather than improvements. What has also become increasingly clear is that the removal of the competence to lead and allocate local administrative staff will lead to a dramatic weakening of the departments, with consequent loss of employee influence in their own workplace.

In this connection, it is important to point out that resistance has been prevalent at all levels from department heads to ordinary employees.

As assistant professors, associate professors and full professors (VIP) at the University of Copenhagen, we see the perspectives as clearly deteriorating our working conditions. We believe that proximity to administrative staff in finance, education, and other functions is characterized by efficiency, flexibility, and involvement, and that centralization, overall, does not provide the desired savings.

With this petition, we wish to express that we do not want to take co-responsibility for the centralization of these functions and for the process that has led to such measures.

The above text with the collected signatures will be sent to the university’s Board and published in the University Post.

The petition is still open. It has been signed by 466 academic staff as of 27 May:

Adam Schwartz (Lektor, HUM), Albin Gustav Sandelin (Professor, SCI), Allan Randrup Thomsen (Professor, SUND), Amanda Hammar (Professor, TEOL), Amelie Stein (Lektor, SCI), Amnon Lev (Lektor, JUR), Amy Clotworthy (Adjunkt, SUND), Anders Bach (Professor, SUND), Anders Gudiksen (Adjunkt, SCI), Anders Juhl Rasmussen (Lektor, HUM), Anders Krogh (Professor, SCI), Anders Lydik Garm (Lektor, SCI), Anders Milhøj (Lektor, SOC), Anders Munk-Nielsen (Lektor, SOC), Anders Priemé (Professor, SCI), Anders Ræbild (Lektor, SCI), Andrea Galli (Lektor, SUND), Andreas Bandak (Lektor, HUM), Andrzej Filinski (Lektor, SCI), Anja C. Andersen (Professor, SCI), Anja Marie Bornø Jensen (Lektor, SUND), Anke Ninija Karabanov (Lektor, SCI), Ann Merrit Rikke Nielsen (Adjunkt, HUM), Anna Vind (Lektor, TEOL), Anne Holm (Lektor, SUND), Anne Løkke (Professor, HUM), Anne Møller (Lektor, SUND), Anne Nørremølle (Lektor, SUND), Anne Raben (Professor, SCI), Anne Ring Petersen (Professor, HUM), Anne Tietjen (Professor, SCI), Anne-Marie Nybo Andersen (Professor, SUND), Annette Lassen (Lektor, HUM), Arne Henningsen (Lektor, SCI), Asger Mose Wingender (Lektor, SOC), Aske Juul Lassen (Lektor, HUM), Aske Skovmand Bosselmann (Lektor, SCI), Astrid Pernille Jespersen (Professor, HUM), Barbara Wall (Lektor, HUM), Bent Nielsen (Lektor, HUM), Bente Kiens Richter (Professor, SCI), Bergur Rønne Moberg (Lektor, HUM), Birgitte Schepelern Johansen (Lektor, HUM), Bjarne Andresen (Lektor, SCI), Bo Fritzbøger (Lektor, HUM), Bo Markussen (Professor, SCI), Bo Wegge Laursen (Professor, SCI), Bo Ærenlund Sørensen (Adjunkt, HUM), Brady Wagoner (Professor, SOC), Brian Arly Jacobsen (Lektor, HUM), Brian H. Jacobsen (Lektor, SCI), Camilla Hartmann Friis Hansen (Lektor, SUND), Camilla Stine Øverup (Lektor, SUND), Carl-Johan Lars Dalgaard (Professor, SOC), Carsten Daugbjerg (Professor, SCI), Carsten Elbro (Professor, HUM), Carsten Nico Portefée Hjortsø (Lektor, SCI), Carsten Pedersen (Lektor, SCI), Carsten Tilbæk Petersen (Lektor, SCI), Carsten Wiuf (Professor, SCI), Casper Hvenegaard Rasmussen (Lektor, HUM), Casper Worm Hansen (Professor, SOC), Changsi Cai (Lektor, SUND), Charlotte Hopster-Iversen (Lektor, SUND), Charlotte Juul Nilsson (Lektor, SUND), Charlotte Mehlin Sørensen (Lektor, SUND), Charlotte Reinhard Bjørnvad (Professor, SUND), Charlotte Svendler Nielsen (Lektor, SCI), Christian Benne (Professor, HUM), Christian Fertner (Lektor, SCI), Christian Furrer (Lektor, SCI), Christian Holmberg (Lektor, SCI), Christian Igel (Professor, SCI), Christian Lund (Professor, SCI), Christina Gravert (Lektor, SOC), Christine Benna Skytt-Larsen (Lektor, SCI), Christine Jeanneret (Lektor, TEOL), Christine Svinth-Værge Põder (Lektor, TEOL), Claus Emmeche (Lektor, SCIENCE), Claus Valling Pedersen (Lektor, HUM), Colm O’Rourke (Adjunkt, SUND), Cord Herbert Brakebusch (Professor, SUND), Dan Børge Jensen (Lektor, SUND), Daniel Lee Ashbrook (Lektor, SCI), Daniel Spikol (Lektor, SCI), David Bloch (Professor, HUM), David Glavind Skovmand (Lektor, SCI), David Richard Nash (Lektor, SCI), Dean Jacobsen (Lektor, SCI), Dennis Sandris Nielsen (Professor, SCI), Desmond Elliott (Lektor, SCI), Dimitrios Stamou (Professor, SCI), Ditte Marie Munch-Jurisic (Studielektor, HUMJUR), Dorte Frees (Lektor, SUND), Dorte Lønsmann (Lektor, HUM), Egor Starkov (Adjunkt, SOC), Elena Meyer-Clement (Lektor, HUM), Elisabeth Engberg-Pedersen (Professor, HUM), Elisenda Feliu (Professor, SCI), Ellen Braae (Professor, SCI), Elmar Renner (Studielektor, HUM), Elodie Floriane Mandel-Briefer (Lektor, SCI), Else Foverskov (Adjunkt, SUND), Emil Zeuthen (Lektor, SCI), Erik A. Richter (Professor, SCI), Erik Bjørnager Dam (Professor, SCI), Eva Rosenqvist (Lektor, SCI), Eva Wulff Helge (Lektor, SCI), Evan Irving-Pease (Adjunkt, SUND), Fernando Racimo (Lektor, SUND), Finn Kensing (Professor, SCI), Flemming Ekelund (Lektor, SCI), Flemming Steen Jørgensen (Professor, SUND), Florian Wöller (Lektor, TEOL), Francois Bernard Lauze (Lektor, SCI), Franziska Bork-Petersen (Lektor, HUM), Frederik Bak (Adjunkt, SCI), Frederik Boëtius Hertz (Lektor, SUND), Frederik Plesner Lyngse (Adjunkt, SUND), Frikk Nesje (Adjunkt, SOC), Fritz Henglein (Professor, SCI), Gert Dandanell (Lektor, SCI), Giovanni Barone (Adjunkt, SCI), Gitte Buch-Hansen (Lektor, TEOL), Gottskálk Jensson (Lektor, HUM), Gunhild Ravn Borggreen (Lektor, HUM), Gunvor Simonsen (Lektor, HUM), Guy Geffen (Studielektor, HUM), Guy Schurgers (Lektor, SCI), Gülsüm Akbas (Studielektor, HUM), Hanne Frøkiær (Professor, SUND), Hannes Schroeder (Lektor, SUND), Hannes Ullrich (Lektor, SOC), Hans Henrik Bruun (Professor, SCI), Hans Hüttel (Lektor, SCI), Hans Redlef Siegismund (Lektor, SCI), Hector Herranz (Lektor, SUND), Helene Christine Reinbach (Lektor, SCI), Helle Kannik Haastrup (Lektor, HUM), Helle Porsdam (Professor, JUR), Helle Sørensen (Professor, SCI), Helle Tegner Anker (Professor, SCI), Henriette Langstrup (Lektor, SUND), Henriette Pilegaard (Professor, SCI), Henriette Roued (Lektor, HUM), Henrik Nyhus Kløverpris (Lektor, SUND), Henrik Vejre (Professor, SCI), Hernan Eduardo Morales Villegas (Lektor, SUND), Hyun joo Choi (Studielektor, HUM), Haakon Lund (Lektor, HUM), Ian Bearden (Professor, SCI), Ib Ulbæk (Lektor, HUM), Iben Mundbjerg Gjødsbøl (Lektor, SUND), Inge Kryger Pedersen (Lektor, SOC), Inge Larsen (Lektor, SUND), Irina Alex Shklovski (Professor, SCI), Isabelle Augenstein (Professor, SCI), Ivanka M Orozova Bekkevold (Lektor, SCI), Jacob B. Hansen (Lektor, SCI), Jacob Heilmann-Clausen (Lektor, SUND), Jacob Livingston Slosser (Adjunkt, JUR), Jacob Wienecke (Lektor, SCI), Jakob Egholt Søgaard (Adjunkt, SOC), Jakob Grunnet Knudsen (Adjunkt, SCI), Jakob Magid (Lektor, SCI), Jakob Nordström (Professor, SCI), Jakob R. Winther (Professor, SCI), James Doonan (Adjunkt, SCI), James Emil Avery (Lektor, SCI), Jan Heegård Petersen (Lektor, HUM), Jan Juhl Lindschouw (Lektor, HUM), Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen Friis (Lektor, SUND), Jan Loop (Professor, TEOL), Jan Rossmeisl (Professor, SCI), Jane Brandt Sørensen (Adjunkt, SUND), Janne Graarup-Hansen Lyngby (Adjunkt, SUND), Jannik Landt (Adjunkt, SUND), Jeanet Sinding Bentzen (Lektor, SOC), Jens Elo Rytter (Professor, JUR), Jens Friis Lund (Professor, SCI), Jens Hesselager (Lektor, HUM), Jens Lykkesfeldt (Professor, SUND), Jens Petersen (Lektor, SCI), Jens Rikardt Andersen (Lektor, SCI), Jens Risbo (Lektor, SCI), Jeppe Vinther (Lektor, SCI), Jeremy Ewan Turnbull (Professor, SUND), Jes Kristian Jørgensen (Professor, SCI), Jes Søe Pedersen (Lektor, SCI), Jesper Brahm (Lektor, SUND), Jesper Bruun (Lektor, SCIENCE), Jesper Nielsen (Lektor, HUM), Jesper Riis Christiansen (Lektor, SCI), Jesper Riis-Vestergaard Sørensen (Adjunkt, SOC), Jette Jacobsen (Lektor, SUND), Joanna Emilia Bergström (Lektor, SCI), Joeri Witteveen (Lektor, SCIENCE), Johan Gotthardt Olsen (Adjunkt, SCI), Johan Tufte-Kristensen (Lektor, JUR), John Brandt Brodersen (Professor, SUND), Johnny Kondrup (Professor, HUM), Jon Sporring (Professor, SCI), Jonas Toubøl (Lektor, SOC), Jose Maria Ezquiaga (Adjunkt, SCI), Joseph Nesme (Adjunkt, SCI), Judy Gammelgård (Professor, SOC), Julio Jensen (Lektor, HUM), June Dahy (Studielektor, HUM), Juni Søderberg Arnfast (Lektor, HUM), Jørgen Dejgård Jensen (Professor, SCI), Jørgen Leisner (Lektor, SUND), Jørgen Wojtaszewski (Professor, SCI), Jørn Wulff Helge (Professor, SUND), Kamilla Kraft (Adjunkt, HUM), Karen Arnfred Vedel (Lektor, HUM), Karen Asta Arnfred Vallgårda (Professor, HUM), Karen-Inge Karstoft (Lektor, SOC), Karin Jakobsen (Studielektor, HUM), Karl Bang Christensen (Professor, SUND), Karsten Olsen (Lektor, SCI), Kasper Dyrberg Rand (Professor, SUND), Kasper Engholm-Keller (Adjunkt, SCI), Kasper Johansen Mygind (Adjunkt, SUND), Kasper Rosing (Lektor, SUND), Kasper Thorup (Professor, SUND), Katharina Ó Cathaoir (Lektor, JUR), Katrine Egede Zeuthen (Lektor, SOC), Katrine Helene Andersen (Lektor, HUM), Katrine Schjoldager (Lektor, SUND), Katrine Strandberg-Larsen (Lektor, SUND), Kenneth Klingenberg Barfod (Lektor, SCI), Kia Ditlevsen (Lektor, SCI), Kirsten Seestern Christoffersen (Professor, SCI), Kirsten Thisted (Lektor, HUM), Kirstin Dahl-Pedersen (Adjunkt, SUND), Klas Abelson (Professor, SUND), Klaus Lindgaard Høyer (Professor, SUND), Konstantin Khodosevich (Professor, SUND), Krister Wennerberg (Professor, SUND), Kristian Holst Laursen (Lektor, SCI), Kristian Thorup-Kristensen (Professor, SCI), Kristina Winther-Jacobsen (Lektor, HUM), Kristine Freude (Professor, SUND), Krzysztof Kucharz (Lektor, SUND), Lars Ellgaard (Professor, SCI), Lars Erik Larsen (Professor, SUND), Lars Hviid (Professor, SUND), Lars Juhl Jensen (Professor, SUND), Lars Konzack (Lektor, HUM), Lars Nybo (Professor, SCI), Lars Ove Dragsted (Professor, SCI), Lars Stoumann Jensen (Professor, SCI), Lars Ulriksen (Professor, SCIENCE), Lasse Gliemann (Lektor, SCI), Lasse Kristoffer Bak (Professor, SUND), Lasse Riemann (Professor, SCI), Laura Luise Schultz (Lektor, HUM), Laura Mørch Andersen (Lektor, SCI), Lea de Chiffre Skovgaard (Adjunkt, SUND), Leila Lo Leggio (Professor, SCI), Lene Østermark-Johansen (Professor, HUM), Lennart Bunch (Professor, SUND), Leonardo Midolo (Lektor, SCI), Lilian Munk Rösing (Lektor, HUM), Line Elnif Thomsen (Lektor, SUND), Line Mathiesen (Lektor, SUND), Line Nybro Petersen (Lektor, HUM), Linea Hasager (Adjunkt, SOC), Lisbeth E. Knudsen (Professor, SUND), Lisbeth Rem Jessen (Lektor, SUND), Lise Nikolic Nielsen (Lektor, SUND), Lone Schmidt (Professor, SUND), Lotte Bang Pedersen (Professor, SCI), Lotte Holm (Professor, SCI), Lotte Thrane (Lektor, HUM), Mads B. Eskildsen (Studielektor, HUM), Mads Nielsen (Professor, SCI), Magnus Hallas-Møller (Adjunkt, SCI), Magnus Pharao Hansen (Lektor, HUM), Maiken Nedergaard (Professor, SUND), Majken Karoline Jensen (Professor, SUND), Malene Vest Hansen (Lektor, HUM), Maria Hybholt (Lektor, SUND), Maria Juul Hansen (Adjunkt, SOC), Maria Marti Castaner (Adjunkt, SUND), Marian Flanagan (Lektor, HUM), Marianne Achiam (Lektor, SCIENCE), Marianne Nylandsted Larsen (Lektor, SCI), Marie Maegaard (Lektor, HUM), Marie Ryberg (Adjunkt, SCIENCE), Marie Sandberg (Lektor, HUM), Marta Canuti (Adjunkt, SUND), Martin Grünfeld (Adjunkt, SCIENCE), Martin Rainer Bladt (Lektor, SCI), Martin Reinhardt Nielsen (Lektor, SCI), Martin Schou Madsen (Studielektor, HUM), Martin Willemoës (Lektor, SCI), Matthias Mann (Professor, SUND), Merle Friederike Fenner (Adjunkt, SUND), Mette Asmild (Professor, SCI), Mette Bech Risør (Professor, SUND), Mette Bender (Adjunkt, SUND), Mette Birkedal Bruun (Professor, TEOL), Mette Bisgaard Petersen (Adjunkt, SUND), Mette Burmølle (Professor, SCI), Mette Christoffersen (Lektor, SUND), Mette Nordahl Svendsen (Professor, SUND), Mette Weinreich Hansen (Lektor, SCI), Michael Askvad Sørensen (Lektor, SCI), Michael Bergman (Lektor, SOC), Michael Bom Frøst (Lektor, SCI), Michael Broberg Palmgren (Professor, SCI), Michael Givskov (Professor, SUND), Michael Kirkedal Thomsen (Lektor, SCI), Michael Kühl (Professor, SCI), Michael Lerche Nielsen (Lektor, HUM), Michael Lisby (Professor, SCI), Michael Poulsen (Professor, SCI), Michael Sørensen (Professor, SCI), Michael Whyte (Lektor, HUM), Mickey Gjerris (Lektor, SCI), Mikkel Boas Thygesen (Lektor, SCI), Mikkel Bunkenborg (Lektor, HUM), Mikkel Sørensen (Lektor, HUM), Mikkel Thorup (Professor, SCI), Mikkel Vind Abrahamsen (Lektor, SCI), Mikkel Willum Johansen (Lektor, SCIENCE), Mikko Salmela (Lektor, HUM), Miriam Wüst (Lektor, SOC), Mirna Perez-Moreno (Lektor, SCI), Mogens Bladt (Professor, SCI), Morgan Thomsen (Lektor, SUND), Morten Bennedsen (Professor, SOC), Morten Graugaard Olsen (Lektor, SOC), Morten Skovdal (Professor, SUND), Morten Warmind (Lektor, HUM), My Catarina von Euler-Chelpin (Lektor, SUND), Maarten van de Meent (Adjunkt, SCI), Naja Holten Møller (Lektor, SCI), Naja Hulvej Rod (Professor, SUND), Nan Dahlkild (Lektor, HUM), Nana Wesley Hansen (Lektor, SOC), Nanna Bonde Thylstrup (Lektor, HUM), Neda Trifkovic (Adjunkt, SOC), Nicolai Tidemand Johansen (Adjunkt, SCI), Nicolaj Krog Larsen (Professor, SUND), Nicole Doerr (Lektor, SOC), Niels Fold (Professor, SCI), Niels Henrik Gregersen (Professor, TEOL), Niels Jul Nielsen (Lektor, HUM), Niels Richard Hansen (Sektionsleder, SCI), Niklas Andreas Pfister (Lektor, SCI), Nikolaj Arpe Harmon (Lektor, SOC), Nikoline Juul Nielsen (Lektor, SCI), Nikoline S. Olsen (Adjunkt, SCI), Nina Grønlykke Mollerup (Lektor, HUM), Nina Lundholm (Lektor, SCI), Nuno Vibe Hermann (Lektor, SUND), Nynne Capion (Lektor, SUND), Ole Pedersen (Professor, SCI), Omry Ross (Lektor, SCI), Oswin Krause (Lektor, SCI), Per Gundersen (Professor, SCI), Per Kragh Andersen (Professor, SUND), Per Rex Christensen (Lektor, SCI), Pernille Tveden-Nyborg (Lektor, SUND), Peter Birkelund Andersen (Lektor, HUM), Peter Brodersen (Professor, SCI), Peter Furu (Lektor, SUND), Peter Kurt Westergaard (Lektor, HUM), Peter Lodahl (Professor, SCI), Peter Norman Sørensen (Professor, SOC), Peter Panduro Damborg (Lektor, SUND), Peter Rask Møller (Lektor, SCI), Peter Ulvskov (Professor, SCI), Petra Daryai-Hansen (Lektor, HUM), Pia Schwarz Lausten (Lektor, HUM), Poul Erik Jensen (Professor, SCI), Poul Poder (Lektor, SOC), Rasmus Christian Elling (Lektor, HUM), Rasmus Hartmann-Petersen (Professor, SCI), Rasmus Heller (Lektor, SCI), Rasmus Kjøbsted (Lektor, SCI), Rasmus Søndergaard Pedersen (Lektor, SOC), Ravinder Kaur (Lektor, HUM), Rebecca Langhorn (Lektor, SUND), Rebecca Leigh Rutt (Lektor, SCI), Reinhard Stelter (Professor, SCI), René Rasmussen (Lektor, HUM), Riikka Rinnan (Professor, SCI), Rikke Lund (Professor, SUND), Robin Andersson (Lektor, SCI), Rosa Laura Lopez Marques (Lektor, SCI), Ruth Kirk Ertmann (Lektor, SUND), Sanni Hansen (Lektor, SUND), Sara Green (Lektor, SCI), Sarah Fredsted Villadsen (Lektor, SUND), Sarah Homewood (Adjunkt, SCI), Scott Donald Haddow (Adjunkt, HUM), Sebastian Kepfer Rojas (Adjunkt, SCI), Sebastian Marquardt (Lektor, SCI), Signe Smith Jervelund (Lektor, SUND), Simo Køppe (Professor, SOC), Sine Lo Svenningsen (Lektor, SCI), Sinne Smed (Lektor, SCI), Steen Harle Hansen (Professor, SCI), Steen Larsen (Lektor, SUND), Stefan Voigt (Adjunkt, SOC), Steven Alan Goldman (Professor, SUND), Stine Jacobsen (Professor, SUND), Stine Kramer Jacobsen (Lektor, SCI), Sune Auken (Lektor, HUM), Sune Olander Rasmussen (Lektor, SCI), Susan Aagaard Petersen (Studielektor, HUM), Susanna Cirera (Lektor, SUND), Susanne Ditlevsen (Professor, SCI), Susanne Knøchel (Professor, SCI), Søren Husted (Professor, SCI), Søren Jessen (Lektor, SCI), Søren Johannes Sørensen (Professor, SCI), Søren Leth-Petersen (Professor, SOC), Søren Tvorup Christensen (Professor, SCI), Tala Maria Aabø (Adjunkt, SCI), Tania Dræbel (Adjunkt, SUND), Tanya Karoli Christensen (Professor, HUM), Tea Sindbæk Andersen (Lektor, HUM), Terese Sara Høj Jørgensen (Lektor, SUND), Thomas Alexander Gerds (Professor, SUND), Thomas Bjarnsholt (Professor, SUND), Thomas Blunier (Professor, SCI), Thomas Elbenhardt Jensen (Lektor, SCI), Thomas Høgholm Jørgensen (Lektor, SOC), Thomas Markussen (Professor, SOC), Thomas Scheike (Professor, SUND), Thomas Troels Hildebrandt (Professor, SCI), Thomas Valentin Mikosch (Professor, SCI), Thorkell Gudjónsson (Adjunkt, SUND), Tijs Slaats (Lektor, SCI), Tim Flohr Sørensen (Lektor, HUM), Tina Møller Sørensen (Lektor, SUND), Tine Roesen (Lektor, HUM), Tobias Richter (Lektor, HUM), Toke Andreas Møldrup Wolff (Adjunkt, TEOL), Tone Roald (Lektor, SOC), Torben Bechmann Jensen (Lektor, SOC), Torben Bo Toldam-Andersen (Lektor, SCI), Torben Martinussen (Professor, SUND), Torben Sølbeck Rasmussen (Adjunkt, SCI), Torsten Risør (Lektor, SUND), Tri Hien Viet Huynh (Lektor, SUND), Trine Agervig Carstensen (Lektor, SCI), Troels Harmark (Lektor, SCI), Troels Pank Arbøll (Adjunkt, HUM), Tue Andersen Nexø (Lektor, HUM), Ulla Prien (Studielektor, HUM), Ulrik Wagner (Lektor, SCI), Vibeke Orlien (Lektor, SCI), Vibeke Sødring Elbrønd (Bibs) (Lektor, SUND), Vitor Cardoso (Professor, SCI), Wietse Anton Tol (Professor, SUND), Will Jones (Lektor, JUR), Wojciech Senkowski (Adjunkt, SUND), Xenia Trier (Lektor, SCI), Yevgeny Seldin (Professor, SCI), Zachary Whyte (Lektor, HUM), Åsmund Rinnan (Lektor, SCI)