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Israel-linked firm to continue service of systems

Most G4S contracts are now closed and finished, says University of Copenhagen director. But company will continue servicing its own campus access and alarm systems

The last contract with controversial security company G4S expired 31 December 2010. However, it is to continue the servicing of the company’s own access machines and alarms on campus. This is according to University of Copenhagen director Jørgen Honoré, who responds to a University Post query.

In the response, the director explains what exactly the co-operation is with the company G4S is, but does not comment the ethics and politics of the University’s co-operation.

»The University of Copenhagen has previously co-operated with G4S on guard rounds, setting up access control and alarm equipment. G4S has won the contract for these services through competitive tender, in accordance with the rules for tender of goods and services,« he writes to the University Post.

Only service of own equipment

His response is in the context of the publishing of a featured comment on, which outlines how, according to the writer, a G4S lawyer was unable to give a satisfactory account of its operations in the West Bank.

Another company, CD Sikkerhedsservice, is already hired to take over most of the G4S work, university director Jørgen Honoré says.

»The University of Copenhagen’s total security guard scheme was put out for competitive tender at the end of 2009 for a four-year period. The winner was the company CD Sikkerhedsservice Aps, who will take over all guarding and security from the G4S as their contracts expire. The last contract expired 31 December 2010.«

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No intention of doing more

»However, it should be noted that G4S is the owner of several access-control and alarm systems at the University of Copenhagen. They alone are in charge of supervision and service of their own equipment,« he writes.

»The University of Copenhagen constantly evaluates whether it would be a profitable solution to have the University owning and servicing its own equipment,« he says, before concluding:

»So the co-operation between the University of Copenhagen and G4S is limited, and we don’t intend to do anything more«.

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