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Italian Erasmus students protest with pictures

In Italy, a dramatic university reform was passed in parliament yesterday Wednesday. As universities and students rally against the reform, Italian Erasmus students from Copenhagen and other European cities take photos to show their support

The ‘DDL Gelmini’ university reform was passed in the Italian parliament yesterday Wednesday, and this means massive budget cuts for Italian universities.

Read the article ‘Students fed up with Berlusconi reforms’ here.

Now, Erasmus students in Denmark and the rest of Europe show their solidarity by posing for protest pictures.

»In response to the reforms, Erasmus students abroad decided to do something to signal our support to those who are fighting in Italy,« writes Italian exchange student Marco Mignola in an email to the University Post.

No to the brain drain

The Erasmus students hope to take a picture in each Erasmus city.

They will choose a symbolic place in the city or at the University, and pose with banners.

The banner here reads »No al DDL Gelmini. In fuga ma non per sempre.« or »No the the DDL Gelmini reform« and »We can go abroad, but not forever.«

As well as Copenhagen, the pictorial protest will take place in 45 European cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Dublin, Granada, Paris, Cardiff, Seville, Berlin and Istanbul.

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