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Jam-packed US election event

Debate on media coverage crowded the Studenterhuset before the big American night

Nearly a hundred people showed up at debates held Tuesday at the University of Copenhagen.

See our photos of the US election event at the Studenterhuset here.

The University Post was at the talk on how media cover the election. With one moderator and three panelists, questions were being argued back and forth about how the media has portrayed both candidates for the upcoming election.

US banners were draped in celebration of the looming election.

Simple mistakes are magnified

Ears were open, and eyes were on the front of the room, where Niels Lindvig, Frank Esmann, Martin Ellerman, and Rasmus Tue Pedersen debated.

It appeared all four men understood the widespread belief that Obama would favorably win. But they also identified issues where they said the media wrongly portrayed both candidates.

Simple mistakes are magnified, and negative words are quoted to depict negative images of both parties.

Few hours remaining

With only a few hours remaining until the new President is unveiled, activities continue around Copenhagen and will continue well throughout the evening.

If Danes, or the University Post readers could vote, they would overwhelmingly prefer Obama.

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