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Jam sessions in off beat locations

Urban settings serve as inspiration for spontaneous music videos featured in the upcoming Copenhagen Sessions, led by Austrian student

That rusty bridge or that dungy tunnel you pass everyday on your daily commute might be the just perfect place for a session, thinks Austrian student Michael Luger of the award winning music video collective ‘They Shoot Music – Don’t They’.

But it’s not make-out sessions that we are talking about here. We’re talking out of the ordinary musical sessions.

Luger explains: »We take bands off the stage and place them in unfamiliar settings.« The look? »Rough, spontaneous and improvisational music videos« .

The project, aptly named ‘They Shoot Music – Don’t They,’ started in Vienna four years ago and has now formed the foundation for ‘The Copenhagen Sessions.’

Unpolished and unconventionally beautiful

As a student in the Unica Master in Urban Studies, Luger is, along with his 17 other classmates, studying in four different cities over the course of two years: Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and Madrid.

»I knew that I would be in Copenhagen and I started thinking about doing some sessions here. And then I suddenly got in touch with a lot of people,« he notes.

By selecting bands by personal taste, ‘They Shoot Music – Don’t They’ uses music videos as a way to explore cities and environments. The outcome of their videos, like this one from Norwegian band Moddi filmed near a farmer’s field in Germany, is raw and organic. And the Copenhagen Sessions will surely be the same:

»We are not looking for post card Copenhagen,« assures Luger, sticking to the concept that drives the uniqueness of the project.

Unplanned sessions

The Copenhagen Sessions are set to be released Monday 7 November on

Three sessions have already been filmed, but Luger hopes that they can come up with ten by the end of his stay in Copenhagen. So far ‘They Shoot Music – Don’t They’ has been released over 400 videos from 200 sessions from bands all over the world.

»It’s not about the perfect recording,« adds Luger, »When we go to the sessions we have a few ideas in mind, but most gets improvised.«

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