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Jan is students´ favourite

University of Copenhagen students have once again nominated their favourite teacher. This year’s Harald prize was awarded to Jan H. Christensen at the Commemoration ceremony Thursday

Jan H. Christensen, lecturer in analytical chemistry at the University of Copenhagen, is a man who knows how to make the complex uncomplicated and the boring things fascinating. According to his nomination letter for the yearly Harald prize, that is. He also knows how to bring out the best in all of his students.

»My point of departure is that all students are brilliant, until proven otherwise. If a teacher explains the material well enough, then they are likely to understand,« he says to the University Post’s Danish counterpart, Universitetsavisen.

»It is obvious to everyone when teaching is backed by motivation and preparation, and delivered by a teacher who is passionate about the subject,«he explains.

Burning the midnight oil

In their nomination, the students praise Jan H. Christensen for his lengthy and full preparation for classes. He admits flat out that he demands a high standard of himself when it comes to being well-prepared.

»When 35 students turn up and wait to hear what you have to say, then you must be 100 pct prepared, even if it means staying up all night. Anything else would be embarrassing,« he says.

Jan H. Christensen sounds like a hardworking man. The University Post gives him a congratulatory pat on the back.