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Japan is more convenient

For Yukiko, Denmark is a big adjustment from Osaka

Four years ago, Yukiko Hayashida spent a year at a Danish Folk High School, a boarding school program that comes between high school and university. She enjoyed her time there so much that she went on to study Danish literature in Osaka and is now taking a two-semester exchange in Copenhagen.

It’s not difficult to live in Denmark, but the many differences are hard to adjust to, she says. In Japan, shops and restaurants are open for long hours, a big change from Denmark’s 9-5 opening hours and closed stores on Sundays.

“It’s more convenient to live in Japan,” she says.

Accepted to have taken years off
It’s more acceptable for Hayashida to study here. Going against the Japanese norm, she took a few years off from studying before going back to get her master’s degree.

“In Japan it’s difficult to go back to school if you’re 25,” she says. “Here it’s accepted.”

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