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Jørgen Honoré quits as university director

Top job as head of the University of Copenhagen's administration vacant from February

The position as director of the University of Copenhagen is now available and is already up on the job portal. Jørgen Honoré’s contract ends 31 january 2015, and he will not seek to continue in the job, he says.

Jørgen Honoré is seen to have led the drive towards professional financial management of the University, and has worked for better reporting from faculties and more transparent budgets.

»I have told the board and the Rector’s office, that I will not re-apply to the position. It has been my plan to go into retirement at the end of 2016, and you can’t seek five-year university director position for a two-year period. This is not good governance. So I think that the UCPH will be better off finding a new director for the new year,” he says to Danish-language site

On the job portal

»I have been happy for my eight years at UCPH and will continue with budgets, building contracts, IT and human ressources until February 2015,« he adds.

The vacancy announcement can be seen on UCPH’s job portal now and in national newspapers from September 21, according to

Rector has set up a nominating committee with a total of six members: Besides Rector Ralf Hemmingsen, the committee consists of two representatives appointed by rector, and three staff representatives. The consultancy MUUSMANN A/S is also taking part in the recruitment process.

Focus is on quality and talent development

The new university director should have “considerable strategic and managerial qualifications as well as great insight into operational support of complex knowledge organizations,” according to the UCPH official announcement.

The full job ad for university director can be seen here.

“In collaboration with the University’s management, faculties and stakeholders the university director must implement focused processes where quality- and talent development are highly prioritized focus areas.”

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