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Judgement: Penkowa guilty of scientific misconduct

The Danish Committees on Scientific Misconduct have put forth their assessment of the first two Milena Penkowa cases. Their judgement is clear - Penkowa is found guilty of using false and misleading data, reports Weekendsavisen today

Milena Penkowa has been found guilty of a »serious breach of good scientific conduct« concluded The Danish Committees on Scientific Misconduct (DCSD) after an examination of the first two Penkowa cases, writes Danish newspaper Weekendsavisen today.

This judgement comes after UCPH reported Milena Penkowa to the DCSD last year, after finding out that she was involved in the biggest scientific fraud in the university’s history. If you missed out on the story, get a recap here.

Milena Penkowa has until the start of August to comment on the draft judgement of the DCSD before it becomes official. However it is highly unlikely that her comments will have an effect, writes Weekendavisen, because she has already presented many self-justifications and accusations since the start of the scandal without much impact.

False data

The committee from DSCD has judged Penkowa over two cases. The first regarding a published article in ‘Experimental Neurology’ from 2002 and the second an article submitted to the ‘Journal of Clinical Oncology’ from 2010.

The committee consisting of doctors, scientists and High Court Judge Henrik Gunst, has concluded that Penkowa has given »misleading and false information« about the scientific methods she has used, has »constructed data« and »acted intentionally«, reports the weekly newspaper.

According to Weekendavisen, this judgement would have cost Penkowa her university position, had she not already been dismissed.

No comments

This is the first examination and judgement by the DSCD. In August 2012 the committee will present the results of two other examinations from the Penkowa case. Also in August, an international committee will present their results after a close examination of Penkowa’s scientific research.

Currently the Danish police are looking into the Penkowa case to find out whether it is possible to raise legal sanctions based on the judgements by DSCD. Penkowa already received three months probation for her fraud actions earlier in the saga.

Neither Milena Penkowa nor the University of Copenhagen has made a public comment on the findings. UCPH refused comment to our sister newspaper Uniavisen as they believe parts of the case are still classified as private.

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