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Jump-start your career with Company Day at the Humanities

30 companies will come to KUA campus to give career advice

You will get a chance to talk to companies in the field of humanities, get your CV checked, and a professional photo taken on May 5 at the Company Day on KUA campus.

Company Day is designed to encourage students to begin thinking about how their education will transfer into an exciting career.

This event will include workshops as well as an opportunity to meet small, large, private and public companies. These companies will be separated to match interests in the following categories: Power of Language, Social Media and Communication, Intercultural Business and Understanding, Make a difference, and Learning and Innovation.

Come prepared

Studies show that hiring management spends an average of six seconds to study a candidate’s CV. However, when assessing the eligibility for a job, your CV may not be the only important element. Instead, most companies are more interested in how you present yourself and display your ability to use the skills you have acquired.

When asked what companies look for in students, who attend events such as Company Day, Morten Sonne, Project Manager at Lionbridge Denmark A/S said: ”I’m looking for engagement and questions from the students and attendants. I would advise the attendants to prepare questions and perhaps take 5-10 minutes to research on the industry, so that they have a better base for asking questions and getting full value from the event.”

Sonne provided some additional advice for future graduates, insisting that they should not feel as if they have to know everything before entering a position. Rather, that they will learn along the way. A strong interview with confidence and preparation will get your foot in the door and open up your career opportunities.

Bridging the gap

Rhetorica is one of the many companies that is going to attend the Company Day at Humanities. Lis Raabjerg Kruse, who works there as a consultant, claims that the main goal for their company’s attendance at this event is to ”help bridge the gap between students and the industry. It’s always interesting to hear what’s going on within the universities”.

Kruse pointed out that Rhetorica trains managers and specialists in rhetoric, where communication and strategy implementation is key. This means that as a company they must be constantly updated with the latest research of the field and therefore hope to learn and engage with those students, who are conducting and studying this research.

Additionally, she mentioned that this event is beneficial because it opens dialogue and interaction among other companies that have joined the Company Day and gives the opportunity to hear more about what is happening in their industries.

Sign up for this event is required. Find the link and more information in our fact box.

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