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K3 club: Party flop was not our fault

The power failure at a controversial party Friday is not the organisers fault, they say in an e-mail. No comment yet on safety issues, nor on students', bouncers' or ESN organisers' behaviour

The blame should be placed squarely on the shoulders of the electricity company and no-one else.

This is the reaction of the event organiser K3 to the failed Erasmus Student Network party Friday, in an e-mail to the University Post. The event organiser does not comment on safety issues, the aggressive behaviour of bouncers, nor subsequent threats by students to ESN organisers in the e-mail.

»It seems like you don’t understand that it was DONG energy that failed and there was nothing I could do about it. I don’t own the energy company that delivers energy to 80 pct. of Denmark – their cables broke and I have nothing to do about it«, writes Rico Krog-Toft of K3 in the e-mail to ESN and and the other co-organiser P.U.L.S.Events. He subsequently forwarded the e-mail to the University Post.

Not only were students expected to share the floor with five other large party groups, but after the bar was plunged into darkness by the power cut, candles were lit in the wooden interior – an obvious safety concern. On asking for a refund, students were verbally abused by the bouncers.

ESN should give the refund

According to the Erasmus Student Network organisers, in their response following the event, they were threatened by hundreds of drunken angry students.

In the mail to ESN, Rico from K3 says that if anything, Erasmus Student Network should give the refund and not K3.

»You guys have all the money from the pre sold tickets. I’m MORE than happy to give a free party AND free entrance to ALL off the students from KU, KUA, DTU, DIS and CBS this week or another week in the near future… But to pay back presold tickets MUST be you that does that since you got the money.«.

Offers new K3 party

He suggests that K3 offers a new party with free entrance and happy hour all Fridays for the rest of 2010.