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Key manager quits in wake of prorector job release

It is just after the University of Copenhagen announces that a new position as Prorector for Education will be available. Now the deputy director who is responsible for education, resigns

Her name, Hanne Harmsen, has become synonymous with education at the University of Copenhagen (UCPH), ever since she started her job in 2007. A former dean of research at Aarhus University, she was hired to make progress with education at University of Copenhagen – an area that has been a point of focus ever since.

Two weeks ago the University of Copenhagen announced that it would hire a new prorector specifically for the area of education.

»The management needs to focus more on this area, as it’s one of the key points in the university’s Strategy 2016,« Ralf Hemmingsen wrote on the university’s intranet

Rector: I regret her decision

Now Hanne Harmsen has, according to the release, resigned of her own accord. In the release, she mentions the appointment of a new Prorector. She does this without linking it directly to her resignation – neither does she say that she was a candidate for this job.

»I can only applaud UCPH’s top management for wishing to strengthen the area of education, but I have chosen to seek out new job-related challenges,« she said.

Rector Ralf Hemmingsen regrets Hanne Harmsens resignation: »Hanne has been a key figure in the increased focus on education at UCPH, and has successfully handled a series of initiatives within that area over the last few years,« he says.

No new deputy director until this summer

Hanne Harmsen has, among other things, been responsible for implementation of the UCPH Good Education initiative and a host of education-related projects that developed ways of teaching, holding exams, study environment, pedagogy, tutoring, as well as a closer connection between education and research at the University.

Hanne Harmsen will leave her current position at the end of April. But a new deputy director for education is first to be hired once the new position of Prorector for Education has been filled. Until then, from 1 May, Anni Søborg will handle Hanne Harmsen’s duties.

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