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Killer-rapist tried to plant his own DNA

International students living in dorms or frequenting the south campus KUA in Amager can breathe a sigh of relief. In a case with a bizarre new twist, a killer and rapist is found guilty on DNA evidence

The man that last year was linked to a spree of attacks in the Amager suburb of Copenhagen has been found guilty on DNA evidence, report media.

International students in dormitories and who frequent the south campus of the humanities, KUA, at the University of Copenhagen were made uneasy last year , as police found that a spree of attacks over several years was the same man.

Now they can be sure that this danger is over, as the 46-year old Marcel Lychau Hansen, father of a family and football trainer, was guilty of two killings and seven sex attacks.

Planted own semen

The court will rule on his sentence Thursday. The prosecutor has called for life imprisonment.

In a bizarre twist, police will now also charge him with attempting to manipulate with incriminating evidence, by planning, from prison, the attack on a new woman. He may apparently have attempted to plant his own semen in a new attack, thereby ‘proving’ that his original DNA profile is found in another attacker.

In a press release, the police say that »Marcel Hansen and another person are charged in a new offence, committed after the arrest. Marcel Hansen is charged with smuggling biological material out of prison, and has attempted to get another person to commit a crime and plant the accused’s DNA at the scene of the crime or on the person«.

Pepper spray illegal

According to tabloid Ekstra Bladet it is one of Marcel Hansen’s adult sons that is the accomplice.

Last autumn international students were worried. And even confused about which precautions should be taken. Personal protection devices such as pepper spray are illegal in Denmark, making this student feel insecure.

»I just heard about the rapist today and I am frightened to death,« said Anna last year, a resident in student housing who asked the University Post to changed her name on request.

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