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Lars Von Trier to break self-imposed silence at UCPH event

World-famous Danish film director to give his (almost) first interview at the University of Copenhagen

Renowned filmmaker Lars von Trier will be interviewed in front of a live audience when the controversial filmmaker returns to the University of Copenhagen (UCPH) after nine years.

The last time Trier visited UCPH was in 2006, and 15 April he will return to give an interview. It will conclude a day organised by the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics which is dedicated to Trier’s film work.

Known for producing controversial or provocative films, Trier’s most recent films include last year’s Nymphomaniac, and his previous Melancholia. He is also famous for pioneering an avant garde filmmaking movement known as Dogme 95.

No prior plan for interview

In January 2015 Lars von Trier spoke out about his history of alcohol and drug-abuse in an interview at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation DR after a long period of silence, where he made few public appearances. In the interview, Trier questioned his ability to create movies while sober.

Peter Schepelern, an associate professor at the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, will conduct the interview in Danish. Schepelern is an expert on Lars von Trier and Dogme 95.

“We have no exact plan for the interview, but I imagine that we will talk about his later work and his future plans.” says Schepelern to the University Post.

The event is arranged by the Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics and will take place at Southern Campus in Auditorium 23.0.50 from 9.00 to 16.00 and the actual interview will begin at 14.45. The event will take place in Danish.

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