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Law students´ free service popular with young people

Initiative from Copenhagen law students to give young people free legal assistance gets 50 enquiries a month

‘No problem is too small, and no question is too stupid’.

This is the motto behind Young & Legal, Copenhagen’s free legal aid for those between the ages of 16 to 30.

It has received nearly 50 enquires per month for legal help since it started in September.

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Big on Facebook

Law student volunteers Lykke Asmussen and Camille Robertsen started the project in late summer 2012. Law students needed to practice their skills, and Lykke and Camille wanted to offer their time and knowledge to people who have legal issues they feel too small to proceed with.

»There is for example the cases where the contested amount may be only DKK 700. Should you go to a lawyer or wait for public assistance in such a case?,« asks Lykke.

In addition to e-mail correspondence, at Young & Legal there is an emphasis on using Facebook as a communication platform. Lykke credits Facebook for helping people become aware of them and their services.

Soon to be open three days

»Young & Legal has already helped people from all over the country. And the organization has so far done little to promote itself,« says Lykke.

Because people do not have to show up and wait in line, all of Denmark can use their services, not just those in Copenhagen.

Those looking for face-to-face time can drop by the office during opening hours. Due to the high demand for free legal assistance and the number of competent and eager law students who want to provide it, Young & Legal will soon be open three days weekly.

Also law firms in on it

»We are all 100 per cent voluntary and still have a lot of applicants. It’s about, as I mentioned earlier, law students aspire to test their skills in practice. Moreover, it looks good with pro-bono work on the CV,« says Lykke.

For those skeptical about seeking advice from current students, don’t fret. Representatives from various law firms in Copenhagen offer their expertise as well.

You can contact Young & Legal on their Facebook page, here, email them at, or call 35323833 every Monday and Wednesday from 16:00 – 18:00.

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