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Life Science has over 60 teams

We are just more interested in fitness and health, explains team co-ordinator of Life Sciences' DHL relay campaign

As we go to press, the Faculty of Life Sciences has a whopping 60 teams of five runners signed up for the DHL relay 30 August.

But according to Gabino Casas, who co-ordinates the sign-up, the Faculty is likely to have nearly 65 teams participating.

»I think the reason why we are so heavily represented is that we as a Faculty are interested in obesity and fitness in general. We have a lot of staff and students who run regularly already,« he says.

The Faculty of Life Sciences has not only a large volume of teams, the teams are well represented at the top of the University of Copenhagen’s rankings.

Last year, three of the ten fastest teams from the University of Copenhagen were from the Faculty.

The University of Copenhagen will have over 1,800 runners taking part in the race.

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