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Life Science pumped up the music

CULTURE NIGHT - The Faculty of Life Sciences presented microscopic images of seeds, accompanied to ‘evolution’ and older classics

Curiosity is written all over the faces of the hundreds strolling in the premises of the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen (U of C) Friday late afternoon.

They are hurrying to see the exhibitions and demonstrations held at the Frederiksberg campus. Clad with pink and brown t-shirts with the university emblem, the faculty staff have pulled out all the stops in a bid to quench the thirst of the inquisitive minds flocking inside.

It is the Night of Culture and the city of Copenhagen is already in a frenzy, with music blasting across hallways of art galleries, museums, bookstores, theatres and cinemas. The vibe at the Frederiksberg Campus is no different. With live ‘evolutionary’ music by the German group Liquid Rockz streaming from the elegant Life Sciences garden facing the main gate, couples cherishing their moments while the U of C’s own symphony orchestra performs classical music by Dvorak and Debussy from inside the hall.

Microscope show

Rasmus Jensen, a 20 year-old biology student, is fascinated, he says. It is the first time that Jensen and his girl friend have come to such a show on a Night of Culture.

Hoards of people swarm the campus gates, split in to several smaller groups and rush into the different venues, pointing fingers at the topics they are interested in on their printed culture pass programmes.

The organizers have smiles on their faces.

»It’s going well, and the number of visitors is about the same as in previous years,« says Hanne Nielsen, a laboratory technician, to the University Post, before going on to explain how microorganisms and pets destroy seeds to the visitors viewing them in a microscope.