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Life Science: Record student numbers from abroad

Preliminary data from the Faculty of Life Sciences show record numbers, with large student numbers from other Scandinavian countries and Europe. No figures yet from further afield

301 of 845 students applying to start a full Master’s degree 1 September 2011 at the Faculty of Life Sciences are from other EU countries. This is according to the Faculty of Life Sciences.

The numbers are a new record for the faculty.

In all 845 Danish and European applicants have applied, up 36 per cent up from last year’s 621 students.

Student ‘ambassadors’

According to Vice-Dean for Education, Grete Bertelsen, it is an internationalised communications strategy that is bearing fruit.

»Several of our students and staff have become very concious of their roles as ambassadors, when they leave. It looks like an increasing number of those who have been exchange students are now applying to take their full Master’s degree at the Faculty of Life Sciences,« she says.

The Faculty’s online activities are generating loads of traffic and many requests, she adds.

Non-EU figures not included

On some subjects, the number of applicants has been so large that a number of applicants will likely be rejected.

The figures do not yet include applicants from outside the EU.

Of the 301 EU-country applicants, the top five countries of origin are Sweden, Germany, Greece, Norway and Italy.

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