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Life Sciences dean quits for job at CBS

Per Holten-Andersen, the Dean at the Faculty of Life Sciences, is to be Rector of the Copenhagen Business School (CBS). Niels Elers Koch, the director of Forest & Landscape, is to replace him

The deans of the four faculties affected by the proposed merger had promised Rector Ralf Hemmingsen that they would stay on until 2012 to ensure a smooth transition.

But Per Holten-Andersen has received an offer he could not refuse. He is leaving to become Rector of Copenhagen Business School (CBS).

»Per Holten-Andersen has made a great contribution to the University of Copenhagen during his five years here. He has, among other things, helped strengthen the internationalisation, market focus and the healthy study environment at the university: Areas that I am certain that CBS will benefit from in the future,« says Rector Ralf Hemmingsen in the University of Copenhagen press release.

Trees man to take over

Per Holten-Andersen will be replaced by his Faculty of Life colleague Niels Elers Koch from the research centre Forest & Landscape.

Niels Elers Koch has experienced the merger process first-hand.

Koch was one of the main forces behind the international scientific climate conference that the University of Copenhagen had arranged prior to COP-15 in 2010. Thankfully for the Faculty of Life Sciences, the university conference was not, as its much vaster political successor, plagued by disaster.

Well received at CBS

The CBS’ management has, according to its own press release, been impressed with Per Holten-Andersen’s »insight into the university world, his career and results as a leader of a large institution of education and research.«

In the same press release, Per Holten-Andersen says:

»Throughout my years as a rector and dean at KVL/Life, I have experienced a steadily growing partnership with the Faculty of Life Science’s closest university neighbour at Frederiksberg: CBS. CBS’ international outlook and academic diversity has impressed me, and I look forward to getting to know the education and research milieus at CBS even better and, with the students and staff at CBS, to further develop the university’s education and research.«

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