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Life Sciences names 60 staff to be sacked

The Faculty of Life Sciences has told 60 staff that they are to lose their jobs. Acting Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen regrets the situation

60 staff members of the Faculty of Life Science were given their notice yesterday Wednesday, with 10 staff going down to less than full time, and one member of staff moved to other tasks.

17 of those who are to lose their jobs are teachers or researchers, 43 are administrative or technical staff. The new figures are according to the Faculty of Life Science newsletter.

The Faculty stated in late 2010 that it will be forced to cut DKK 48 million from its 2011 budget, and flagged already then, that it would have to cut back on staff numbers.

Deeply sorry

Acting Dean Erik Bisgaard Madsen says in the newsletter that »faculty management is deeply sorry that we have had to lose good and competent staff. And many of us in the Faculty of Life Sciences will be deeply affected by the difficult situation that we are in«.

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